Do you find it hard to find high heels that can be comfortable all day? Then you should contact Ingrid Logar.

The Slovenian designer, whose brand is Ceveljc, makes heels and shoes of all shapes and sizes. Her shoes are among the best in materials and wearability, highly personalized because the colors of the leather and heels that can be decided by you.

Ingrid designs and manufactures shoe models from 2013 in a workshop at Slovenska Bistrica in Spidler Street 2d. All shoes are made of natural materials and you can order plastic heels (and spare parts) later. The choice varies between low sandals, perfect for an evening walk in the center, boots /winter and autumn / as well as ankle boots, with or without heels. The personalized shoes can also be purchased and booked in her online shop

I interviewed this incredible designer who creates her wonderful shoes from A to ZETA. Elegant and comfortable, timeless shoes, personalized and tailor made. Because our story is told in the path we take and tracking it with unique shoes is already a way to talk about ourselves.

-Ingrid, what natural materials do you use to make your shoes?
I use leather, so it’s all made with natural materials.

-How much time do you take to make a pair of shoes?
I need one to two months to make a pair of shoes.

-Which color and material is the most requested?
The biggest demand is for black pumps with or without platform, accessories to match or a combination of these with other leather colors.


-On what occasion do your works come into the spotlight?
My shoes are for everyday use because they are very wearable and comfortable.
They are suitable for the most varied occasions and events, from the casual to the more formal.

-When do you get ideas for their realization?
Ideas are born by themselves.

-Your future inspirations, do you follow objectives, desires?
The desire is the roar of triumph for shoes I’ve made. Of course, I also want women to feel comfortable and safe in my handmade shoes.

That’s what Ingrid tells us and how important craftsmanship is. The careful choice of materials, the tailor made for each individual foot allows not only to make the leap “out of the chorus”, but also show their personality and make us go back home without pain, swelling or blisters of any kind.

If you want to know some makeup of the models on the catwalk
on how to wear shoes that are impossible or not your size, click here,
and the rest of it, up in your heels!