Walking on the catwalk is not easy. You may have seen videos that shoot funny falls of models, maybe you also had some laughs for these strange or awkward performances when she turns under the flashes and then ruinously falls forward like from nothing apparently wrong. But did you see her? How is it possible that a professional model could make such a bad impression?

The reality is very different. It’s not the model’s lack of professionalism because believe me, we’re really going for it. If we came to the runway, it was after many efforts, diets, training and patience. And the problem is not in the heel 12 (and believe me, it happened to us on the 13th, 14th, 15th and even beyond), with which we know how to walk from the beginning of our career. The real problem is when we are given a shoe that is not our size. In the ideal world it is thought that the stylist arrives and delivers the ideal shoe or the perfect dress, but the raw truth is that sometimes there are only one or two of that very particular model at most and no one fits perfectly. Here begins the fun part: We have to prepare ourselves at least one day before and think how to wear this shoe that is a killer born for our foot and with whom we have to coexist, walk, do our perfect performance on the catwalk, get to the bottom, pose, turn around and go back under everyone’s eyes as if nothing were wrong. So here I explain some tricks that we use to make the shoe “usable”:

The insole: A thicker insole inserted in the shoe will allow you to have more grip on the upper with the foot and toes that in these cases are the real “controller” of the situation. It is they who will help you to hold the shoe up so that it does not slip off. Bearings and various paddingscan do the same job.

Filling the tip with tissue paper or cotton: Drastic method for short walks. Especially on heels will save you up to a certain point before you start to hurt your toes in a way so painful that it will remind you of the Chinese bandage of the last century. And most of all, it won’t save you if your shoe is wide because you’ll pull it off from the heel. For the latter problem there is also sticky tape. Applied under the heel and behind it will allow you to last longer.

For common shoes, the shoemaker can help us: elastic bands sewn at strategic points such as the upper and heel inside the shoe will help to tighten it.

There are also effective methods for giving us a few more shoe numbers in the opposite case, that is, a shoe that goes tight and that we want to enlarge: Fill a food bag with water and put it tightly closed in the shoe, then freeze it in the freezer for one night. The water contained in the bag will freeze and expand your shoes.

Leather and suede shoes can be widened by spraying some water and heating it with a hairdryer, that will soften the leather and makes it more yielding.

These are only small indications, the best idea is always to choose carefully the shoe, comfortable and perfect for you.
So now, when you see a model stumbling on the catwalk, remember that perhaps a piece of tape or a cotton ball on the toe is not enough to hold her foot on the fearsome heel twelve when this is a 39 on a 42 shoe. Here, please lower your mobile phone and camera, a mistake can happen to everyone. 😉