1./Helps digestion. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to produce bile an acid needed for digestion.

2./Purifies. It helps eliminate waste substances because it stimulates the production of urine and thus The elimination of toxins. Citric acid improves enzyme function, stimulating the liver and promoting detoxification.

3. Stimulates the immune system. Lemons are rich in ascorbic acid /vitamin C/, an ideal ally against colds and respiratory problems and to improve the absorption of iron in the body.

4./Balances pH levels. Lemons are acidic, but in our bodies are alkaline, that is, citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.

5./Cleanses the skin. Lemon juice cleanses the skin and is suitable for oily epidermis. In addition, vitamin C smoothes wrinkles and  kills certain types of acne-causing bacteria.

6./Energy. Lemon contains more negatively charged ions so it provides our body with more energy by the time it reaches the intestinal tract. The aroma of lemon also has energizing properties and improves mood.

7./Keep Healthy. Vitamin C, in addition to being an essential nutrient for healthy bones, connective tissue and cartilage, promotes wound healing.

8./Lemon freshens breath and relieves toothache. However, since citric acid can weaken tooth enamel, it’s best to brush your teeth before drinking water with lemon and wait half an hour.

9./Hydrates. Hydrating the body helps the immune system to replenish lost fluids. This is a very important action because when the body lacks water it can feel tired, weak and not very concentrated.

10./Helps to lose weight. The slimming properties of the lemon are well known. It is an excellent detoxifier, reduces inflammation and contains a large amount of vitamin C, known for its antioxidant action.