A correct posture helps us to better face our daily life. Knowing how to move is already a significant reflection of what we communicate around us. People without even realizing it are influenced by the language that our body transmits, starting from a simple walk or the way we hold our shoulders, etc..

Antonella Parodi is an international top model and began her career in the 80s, walking the runway for Versace, Ferre, Missoni, Biagiotti, Gucci and many others. She walked the prestigious catwalks of Milan, Paris, London. She has posed for the greatest fashion photographers and is an actress in well-known commercials. 

For many years she has dedicated herself to posture and image, especially in the fashion industry for the training of models and for all women of any age and type who wish to improve their image and gain more confidence. Antonella says: “Posture speaks about us”, learning it helps to acquire greater awareness of your body and self-confidence. Poise enhances femininity and elegance, which every woman possesses by nature.

Antonella Parodi will teach us how our body speaks and the right way to walk in heels. She will explain the importance of deportment and will guide us through practical exercises to learn this art unfortunately neglected by many today.