We don’t have to live healthy just to be fit or to be able to turn beautiful and happy in front of the mirror at home. We must do it to feel good, improve our psycho-physical well-being, find the energy to face everyday life, smile at the stressful dynamics of work, feel strong and love each other for real. A good 80% of a successful life depends on a healthy diet.

During the Donnakademy path, Silvia Cavazzini will guide us towards the choice of the best food and good habits to improve our lifestyle. We will learn a correct and simple nutrition forever. Not a diet. Because diets do not work in the long run, we cannot “diet” all our lives.

Silvia will not tell us how to count the number of calories nor will she tell us that food is our enemy. She will help us understand what we are putting in our shopping cart in supermarket and orienting our choices and knowledge about raw materials. Finally, it will provide us with the key to get in tune with our body by giving us the awareness of diets and foods and the effect they have on our body.