We live in a world of images. And we know how much a picture can tell about us or give the right impression. A good profile with a professional look on Linkedin, our life showed on Facebook or Instagram. We like to keep in touch with our friends, show them our daily life, even pose for ourselves, why not. It makes us feel beautiful, appreciated, immortal, even for the time of a shot. 

Renato Biffi guides us through photography giving the right light and angle, making us protagonists of his work. Through his eyes we rediscover ourselves and are amazed at our potential. 

Renato is a fashion and advertising photographer with his own professional studio in Milan since 1971, his works have been requested for Cartier, Dori, lmec, Liabel, Linea Sprint, Tessil Calze. He started his career as assistant to photographer Marco Emili, creator of the image of “La Perla” and later as assistant to photographer Serge Libiszewski, for Rinascente and other brands.

In his activity he has always made use of internationally established male and female models, while always maintaining a particular attention to the search for new talent, for which he has developed a formative approach to the profession that has produced qualified results.

A beautiful eye becomes beautiful, the line of a body becomes sinuous by means of light and the choice of the right moment captures the right interpretation. This is the moment when the photographer and model become one creative entity.