Girls get constant messages in their daily lives. This happens through the influence of social networks, the media (such as TV and magazines) and create “false values”, aspirations induced by third parties towards which to aspire and pre-established models to follow. Fictitious, impersonal and empty idols generate stress and an untrue measure of comparison with one’s personality, image and everyday life.

It is almost impossible to become an adult without worrying about the weight, body shape etc.. Sometimes insecurities and doubts about how to please others, arise. Often there is a constant search for beauty in order to love oneself, aimed at finding tricks and secrets to know how to distinguish oneself from others so as not to be criticized or judged.

The Donnakademy project was born as an educational institution, dedicated to girls and women belonging to different age groups. The aim is to improve their appearance, both physically and mentally and consists of a series of specific courses, aimed at all those who want to strengthen their self-confidence with the help of experts and who would like to learn the secret of charisma and attractiveness, improve their femininity and encourage personal growth.

For girls the aim is above all to become adult women, to be beautiful and seductive. They will be pushed to
reflect on themselves and the potential they have.

Then there are the ladies. Women who are already aware but who need to remember how to love and value themselves for who they are. Donnakademy wants to teach them how to maintain their beauty and charm in a path where they can renew themselves. Through workshops and practical tests, they will find all the necessary techniques to express a greater femininity, charm and self-confidence.

Donnakademy is an academy dedicated to women who want to like themselves. Women who want to take care of their appearance in a brilliant way in order to face changes in different moments of their life.

Every woman can be the star of her own beauty.”