Milan is approaching sunset; she is preparing for a special evening in which she will be the protagonist.

She has a date and wants to catch the eye by showing off her femininity at its best. She chooses a black dress and lets her long soft hair fall free.

Milan is at her feet and in the streets you can hear the sound of her footsteps. Give a woman the right heel and she will conquer the world with her provocative and funny – sparkling savoir faire, as befits a super woman who is not afraid to show herself for what she is.

A high dress, with stiletto heel, able to express in an absolute way her safe, feminine and powerful nature as a Goddess, always ready to cross the limit without fear.

A seductive, explosive, mysterious muse. A natural elegance and a presence that leaves no stone unturned. A woman who walks the roads of Milan with the energy of a movie star and who fears no obstacle. Cars collide, newsstands explode and men are hypnotized by her charming, and memorable presence…A dream…But not too much. Exaggerations aside, Donnakademy’s project wants to create just that: to exalt your potential hidden inside to its maximum.

To do this, the academy is made up of a group of beauty and fashion professionals including consultants, trainers, instructors and psychologists who work together to enhance the beauty and poise of each individual. A way to allow you to acquire a full knowledge of yourself through a ducative and experiential path to 360 degrees. An effective training that offers hidden talents the opportunity to emerge and become the main actors of their beauty.

In the next article I will talk about the specific structure of the Donnakademy course.