While the Big Apple looks with concern at the exodus of numerous designers who have deserted from the catwalks of its Fashion System preferring the European capitals, Milan has prepared for the glorious opening of Moda Donna Fall/Winter 2020/2021 which was held until yesterday, February 24.

188 appointments and 56 fashion shows.
Among the debuts we can mention Vìen, and Gilberto Calzolari, while established names such as Philip Plein and Moncler are back on the scene in a co-ed presenting women and men together.

“Moda Donna”  started with the Fashion Hub, the Rome project dedicated to scouting emerging talents (a special focus this year is for Made in Italy, the host of the event but also for designers coming from Hungary, Africa and China).

Great attention was given to the theme of sustainability, a sign of a changing world. This was achieved through the use of installations already used in past exhibitions, the same carpet was made of 100% recycled material and using natural water-based colors.

The National Chamber for Italian Fashion has undertaken for the entire duration of the events on the calendar not to use plastic bottles, encouraging printing, buyers and participants to use digital media or, where not possible, to print the materials in 100% recycled paper.

And it is no coincidence that the European Commission has launched the European Social Innovation Competition. Reimagine Fashion – changing behaviours for sustainable fashion
This is the challenge launched for 2020 by the beginning of March to change the consumerist propensity that revolves around the world of fashion and the habits of people accustomed to fast fashion (the throwaway of clothes that are left forgotten in the wardrobe and its constant and short-lived recycling). A jackpot of 50,000 euros is planned for a maximum of 3 winners to realize his zero emission project.