Valentine’s Day!
How best to enjoy this special occasion with your better half? How to dress up, make an impression? I want to give you some tips to celebrate it at its best, a way to take a break all of your own, and no, it doesn’t have to be exaggerated or whimsical or strange … Because the important thing is to spend time together with romance!

1. Bonfire

If you have the opportunity to camp out in the evening, on a sea beach (but also on the lake or river is fine), it can be a great evening to spend together, you can share a good time of intimacy together. It is also an ideal opportunity for those who are just getting to know each other because it allows you to tell each other amid the reassuring crackling of the fire. Clothing: Casual, warm. Turtleneck, jeans and ankle boots without heels are ideal.

2. Cooking and Chocolate Tasting

Instead of throwing yourself into the first supermarket to give your sweetheart some chocolates, why not cut out a coupon on Groupon to follow a cooking workshop for the occasion? Big cities offer many variations of this kind and it becomes a special moment to create something together!
Outfit: Casual, what counts is taking it by the throat!

3.Ice skating

Because winter is not yet upon us and the ice arenas offer a great refuge for couples. Test yourselves and fall-proof without fear! This way you will learn to trust each other and it’s always nice to get some exercise together.
Clothing: Casual/sportswear

4.The tour of magical places

This is more for those who have been together the longest: Treat yourself to a tour of the magical places that have marked your history. It’s very simple; each of you choose one or more locations that have been significant for you and then compare them together. It’s a great way to create your own personal tour by rediscovering the places you’ve traveled together.
Outfit: At your discretion

5.A live music concert

Dinner out? Yeah, just with… jazz or blues music! At BlueNote in Milan, for example, there are several theme nights that offer a very elegant soft atmosphere. Something soft but extremely refined to pamper yourself in elegance and romance.
Dresscode: Elegant dress, heels. Sophisticate Make up Dive into the atmosphere of music trying to reproduce the wave of those years with some details (handbag, hairstyle, makeup).

6.Romantic movie at home

For those who don’t want to go out but just want to cuddle up with their sweetheart, they have a wide choice of romantic movies “Ghost” style that will surely have a different taste with something cooked together for dinner to enjoy in front of the TV.
Comfortable and warm clothes, the embrace of the partner will complete the whole set.

7.Poetry Reading

We’ll go out again… But this time in the library! Search together the books with the most beautiful aphorisms and poems written by the best writers! Maybe opening a bottle of wine for the occasion and in the silent atmosphere of the place that will be filled with your whispers as you read to each other what you have found!
Outfit: Vintage/hipster for real intellectuals


Do you like singing? Then why don’t you go and have fun at a karaoke club? Have fun in your duets, challenge each other in vocals and laugh together between a note and a sip of  wine.
Outfit: Elegant/casual at your discretion


9. A relaxing day at the Spa

The spa of Milan but also other magical places (Hotels, Wellness Centres, etc.), offer evenings of aperitif and Spa for couples with massages. After a day’s work it’s not bad, is it?
Outfit: Bathrobe

10.Explore your city and surroundings

Look for corners, places you’ve never seen before…Maybe on a bike or even on foot. You never stop discovering something new! And then stop on a bench to enjoy the sunset in the company of a nice thermos and steaming tea. An intimate adventure to share together!
Outfit: Casual

What about you? What’s your Valentine’s Day gonna be?