With good food at the table we can nourish all our senses enriching them with passion, beauty, positive feelings, love and energy. A curl of salad that enriches the back of a nice slice of beef, the combination of thick and spicy chocolate on a delicious roast on the palate. A special combination, unique experiences that only a few chefs can offer. Because when they prepare a dish they do it not only with the wisdom of their hands and taste, but with the warmth that comes from their heart.

The energy is felt at every meal, you are full of strength… That’s how it happens to me and why I appreciate the novelties of good food. I was very happy to meet Ana Roš during the award ceremony at Sportnik Leta 2019.

Ana Roš, a Slovenian chef, born in 1972, is famous worldwide as the best female chef (full title obtained in 2017). She cooks and creates with an inventive that is all hers. She pay attention on every detail, starting with the dishes at her restaurant, Hiša Franko, where she works in team with her husband Valter Kramar, maître and sommelier.

During the sporting event I had a chance to talk with her. I immediately found her to be a nice person, helpful and very determined. She knows what she is, she knows what she is worth and she is a strong woman, respected by everyone. I really would like to go to her restaurant to be pampered with her special treats and her hospitality. She seemed to me very open and helpful so I can say only the best about her and her job that she brings with dignity, responsibility and great determination!