After the holidays, you have to start the New Year at the best so you can start thinking about getting in line for spring! How can we get rid of the extra pounds so that we can start the race towards our physical and mental health?

Many people start running or walking to lose extra weight … losing weight, is one of the most important things in the part of our well-being. It keeps us healthy as well as having an aesthetic motivation. And it is also the main goal for those who frequent gyms! But it must be combined with the right diet, rich in fiber and fluids. Every person is different in the body and needs his or her own personal lifestyle, with a different diet to follow (that’s why I recommend that you always go to a nutritionist to get advice on a healthy lifestyle tailored to you if you have the opportunity).

It’s also an everyday habit to remember to stand up straight when we sit down. Walk holding your belly and glutes. Possibly breathe using the muscle of the diaphragm, i.e. the belly, so as to train the abdominals. These are small tricks that help, discipline and design our body. If you do this, it will also change the way people look at you, you’ll gain confidence in yourself.

A light jogging definitely improves physical performance and increases cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency as well as muscle power in the legs. In short, to burn fat we need to run, it will improves our skin beauty, rejuvenates us (when we run the face skin moves with the whole body and is constantly stimulated with an incredible effect! In three weeks you can already see the first effects).

I personally try to go to the gym at least three times a week, depending on the time I have available. I use the tools to tone my legs, arms, bicycle. I do exercises on the floor without tools, etc.
The important thing is that it becomes a habit.

After the gym, if you work on your muscles, you have to eat foods that keep the muscles you’ve tried so hard to build (for example you should integrate proteins). If you really want to try on your swimsuit for the summer, don’t arrive at the last minute with exaggerated doses of gym or physical exertion that could only harm your body! Our physique needs time and constancy to adapt to our new lifestyle!

Me and my personal trainer, Francesco, wish you best!