We have successfully completed the exclusive course dedicated to the Donnakademy Women’s Academy 2019. The participants were very satisfied, they learned a lot and enriched their personal baggage. A treasure that I consider unique and invaluable.

On the closing evening each student took the Diploma, which means that they have successfully closed the course and received an evaluation from the teachers together with recognition for their transformation towards inner and outer beauty.

Awards were presented by the project sponsors: ‘Ceveljc’ Ingrid Logar for shoes, Frangez, Slovenian Penina, the Jones store dressed for women, Estela – offering quality hairdressing facilities and beauty salons for Italian manufacturers BMP, AGV, Ceriotti and Lemi. Enikam is instead a developing company for Slovenian beauty products created on active oxygen-based compounds.

Another award that’s given by the teachers of the course is the “Prize for the transformation of beauty” confered to the woman who has most opened to her changing towards beauty.

The evening was also enhanced by the sweet notes of Vesna Kastelics violin in the company of Ursa Petelins delicious catering snacks.

The Donnakademy project was born as an educational institution that offers hidden talents the opportunity to blossom in the important phase of their beauty.

Because I always would like to remember;
“Beauty is not an obligation or a duty,
but a goal of each individual”.
I often write this sentence in my blog but it’s something I strongly believe in.

Beauty rests hidden in every woman like a chest, you just need to get it out by turning the right key. And then, once opened, it shines in charisma, the safe and determined appearance in which the person will be reborn. It changes the way you communicate and walk. You have a proper presentation along with the right style, behavior. You feel energetic, improve confidence in your abilities.

In my course you learn attractive tricks to please yourself and others to grow and enrich your personality both in body and spirit.

This is an important ingredient for women who love each other, who want to value their intelligence and their personal appearance in order to face the changes that come with the years serenely. It wants to be a help, a path of growth and mutual trust.

Every woman needs to find her own style,
exercise her power with elegance and good taste.
Mine, is to give the right tools to do so.

Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone!