The “Sportsman of the Year” is an award that has always been organised by the association of Slovenian sports journalists since 1968.

This year they awarded 9 prizes in 5 categories to the most promising slovene juniors.
In addition, they will present three of the best male and female competitors and a leading sports group that has achieved important results during the year.

The awards were given by well-known Slovenian personalities who have left a great national and international mark in many areas of their work.

And I, Bernie Marovt, have had the honor participate through my work as a past Top model and now a successful entrepreneur. So I was able to present the award to the young tennis player Kaja Juvan, who reached the fifth position in the junior singles ranking. It was a moment of great honour, satisfaction and true emotion for me and the young sportswoman under the spotlights on the stage.

The Športnik Leta event attracts the attention of an increasing number of people in Slovenia every year. The main theme of the Športnik Leta 2019 event is the awarding of prizes to those athletes who have managed to overcome the Slovenian borders.

On the occasion of this magical evening I shone with them together with other stars (such as actress Katarina Čas), among applause and solemn moments under the eyes of the president, Borut Pahor.

A heartfelt thank you for the occasion
and to all participants!