It seems that we are not throwing away all the old clothes when designers present the dictates of fashion for next season. But we also need to go a little bit further and take a look at the shop windows and the new stores to expand our wardrobe, stay trendy, browse through what’s new…


So I’ll give you some tips for a successful purchase when you go out shopping:

1./ Take all the time you need! To plan your wardrobe, study the stages of your stores according to tastes and needs … Maybe anticipate with some combination in front of the mirror compared to the models that suit you best and that you would like to experiment with other colors or variations. Also visit the websites and fashion blogs to get new ideas and ask for advice from fashion consultants if you have a chance or from available clerks.

2./Choose what’s right for you! Consider your size and select only the fashion items that suit you best and convince you. For example, a multi-layer skirt, even if beautiful, is not suitable for wide hips…

3./ Basic elements, accessories! These should always be of high quality materials and craftsmanship, monochrome in neutral shades from black to camel colored (belts, bags, scarves, gloves). They are usually more expensive but will last several seasons. Improve them with colour accents, blouses, tops, brightly patterned sweaters.

4./Do not discard accessories from past seasons! If they are well preserved and not very fashionable, you can easily include them in your wardrobe for the next season.

5./The lengths of the skirt! Check the length of the skirt in the sitting position. If you have to lower it all the time, you’ll feel uncomfortable and your appearance won’t be too elegant. Legs stretch visually with the hem of the skirt narrower just below the knee.

6./ Shoes! The high heels make the legs particularly elegant and make them look slimmer. But don’t exaggerate with the height unless you really control it, even the low heel will visually add inches and make your legs look slimmer.

7./The color combination! When we have another lighter, darker or stronger colour but of the same shade that stands out on the base tone of our garment to combine with, an unfortunate fashion test may result. Usually it is better to choose a complementary color. It is also risky to combine three or two shades of the same color.

8./Exotic and animal fantasies! Pay attention to the thin line that divides good taste from vulgarity and that can happen when you exaggerate in trying to be too seductive. For example, the deep décolleté that lets you glimpse the typically leopard fantasy of a piece of underwear with the combination of gold jewellry is a bit risky…

9./The wardrobe at night for the day! You’ll be especially fashionable if you wear nightdresses, tops, pants and pyjamas with soft fabrics during the day. It is particularly convenient, for example, to wear a long jumpsuit under an open jacket with skin-tight trousers.

10./The next trends! The variations inspired by military uniforms, metallic colours, lace and translucent fabrics, silk, ethnic patterns, large luminous patterns, the style that presents the lightness, transparency and playfulness are returning!

These are just a few tips, to deepen, you can always turn to a personal shopper who can update you on the latest trends and help you choose what’s right for you by expanding your horizons in the fashion industry. It’s an experience to try at least once, I recommend it a lot!