The feature film directed and starred by Siani “Il giorno più bello del mondo” (The most beautiful day in the world) has finally been released. It is a somewhat magical film that makes us become a child together with its little protagonist, Gioele. Just released in theaters (October 31), it has already made record box office takings since this weekend, rising to almost 4 million euros!

Siani in this story plays the role of Arturo Meraviglia, an owner of a small theatre on the verge of economic collapse. After his father’s death, the stage was reduced to a bunch of empty and dusty backstage; it remains a doubtful entertainment agency with only one comedian and full of debts. Only the unexpected inheritance of a distant uncle who has just passed away could save him. It is a pity that his will includes two children, Rebecca and Gioele, whom Arturo will have to take care of. After the first tragicomic moments of cohabitation, however, he will discover that Gioele has the power of telekinesis.

Gioele’s magic numbers could become the new leading show of the theatre, that could save it from the very close collapse; however, the talent of the little magician attracts the attention of a team of scientists of which I am part as an appearance. Arturo’s task will be to protect his nephew with the help of his inconclusive band of friends.

I too had a chance and an opportunity to work on the film with Siani. I remember a special fact: I had finished shooting my part and I sat in the hallway with the others to wait for the director’s answer to the final ok to continue. At a certain point the director came from the room towards us, stopped in front of me and sayed: “Perfect the first one” and I say: “Are you telling to me?” And he answered, “Sure.”

All the glances stopped on me. I was very happy with directors words because that means I’ve done a good job. I’m proud to have been part of a film like this, which is appreciated by everyone.