Saturday on 5th October  was held the casting of Bernie Models for the year 2019/2020. The guys are preparing to enroll in the academic session that will begin on October 12.

With each aspiring model we do an interview before they have filled out their form in order to learn more about their attitudes, the reasons that lead them to take the path of the catwalk. The form can be drafted through the website

The students have shown themselves to be full of hope and can’t wait to start school, which will end with a fashion show at the conclusion of their training, a student year that also comes to an end with the award of the diploma. The latter is given to those who have successfully completed the season together with the award “the best walk”, “best photogeny” and the “potential model”.

After that, the chosen potential models are then invited to the casting in Milan where they will be presented to at least 15 agencies operating in the fashion industry. Each move is organized in detail and it’s a period of very important growth, a first step to become real professionals in the field.

It takes a lot of commitment, willingness to do and the ability to adapt in different situations. We hope, therefore, that this year too will be rich and promising for the young aspirants,
Good luck with that!