Summer is already over and with the arrival of the first cold and rain, the Spa becomes a real oasis of pleasure. But which is the right one to choose from? And how can you equip so as not to forget anything? In this article I will give you some tips that I hope will be useful. It’s all information that I’ve collected in my personal experience as well as working for various Spa companies in Slovenia for promotional videos and photo shoots. When this happens, I have to be well informed about what I’m going to advertise for, but let’s start from the beginning!

How to go to the spa? The best thing is to have a large bag, even better if it’s a backpack. To avoid overloading, I usually choose a practical bathrobe that is useful on many occasions, otherwise two towels, one to wear in the case of saunas and the other to lay on wooden boards. Some rubber slippers are perfect, usually I choose the band model because I find them more comfortable to wear. A hair band to pull them up if I don’t want to wet them, moreover it is better to pick them up when entering the sauna. To follow the ritual of the sauna at its best, I also bring a natural scrub or, alternatively, some coarse salt that serves the purpose. During the spa we lose a lot of liquids, so take a water bottle with you to integrate your body. For the swimsuit I prefer the whole one but the two pieces are also valid. Finally, after the treatments, I use a shower gel with antibacterial and antifungal effect since in any case in public places with high humidity, there is the risk of running into the unpleasant fungal bacteria. A moisturizing cream is the final touch. The folding travel hair dryer is always an ace in the sleeve in case the structure does not give them in equipment.

And how to choose the right spa? The offer on the market is really very wide, it all depends on our needs. There are Day Spas and Family Spas, special holiday packages for singles, couples and families, and Medical Spas that treat specific disorders. And don’t forget the old and dear thermal spas, characteristic for their beneficial waters with specific components. There are facilities that offer massages and various rituals such as hay baths, milk baths, mud treatments, hot stones, Turkish baths. Some spas have small fitness rooms that offer relaxing exercises such as yoga or massages of various kinds. The best thing is to look for the best spas around us by reading up on the internet or calling the facility. Luckily, we live in a world where the media and customer reviews are accurate enough to get an overall picture of the spa we are choosing.

And you? What was your best experience?