Psychology, beauty and inner energy…

The academy is based on philosophy, not surgery. We will provide useful instructions, guidance on how to gain inner confidence, how to overcome limits, strengthen your character, learn how to express emotions, remove pessimistic concerns, gain courage and willingness to live.

It is better to deal with our personality and our most complex aspect from the inside so as to take it outwards. Every woman hides beauty within herself, she just has to learn to take it out. A woman who is happy with herself will also radiate it towards the reality that surrounds her. No surgeon can give you self-esteem. When you fill a wrinkle, another wrinkle immediately arrives, it becomes a snake that bites its own tail.

The inner energy means that you have purified what is important to you, what you want and you try to achieve, because you do something for the soul…This is the best source of youth. To be internally beautiful means to be also a psychologically strong person who radiates out his inner energy. It is enough that the woman mutes her way of thinking, walking and even her clothes will change with her. Outward and inward beauty are connected and complementary.

Everyone should strive to grow, improve in all areas. If you do it with joy, you can see it on your face and body. Women need to be strong enough to make the change, update themselves and do the things that make them happy.

A woman has to be a woman.