“Beyond the matter”, was an interesting photographic exhibition held in Galliate. In the evocative setting of the castle, ten contemporary artists have exhibited their works, skillfully weaving together the harmony that coexists between image and matter. The challenge of the exhibition was precisely to create a marriage between the most innovative materials (plexiglas, aluminum, wood, etc.), to give life to everyday objects, characterized by a new expressive imprint. The event was attended by the curators of the exhibition, the architect Daniela Grandi and Massimo Mantovani of Co.Ideas, as well as the artists and the authorities. It was an interesting opportunity also for many aspiring architects and designers in the training phase for whom a workshop was organized by the order of the architects of Novara and Vco.

The artists who exhibited, in addition to me, were: Fabio Bozzani, Stefan Davidovici, Emiliano Maiolo, Mariangela Anzani, Angelo Eduardo Pagani, Stefano Pedroni, Daniele Poli, Walter Zerla and Raffaella Bozzola.

With the display of my works at the exhibition, they wanted to present my profession and what I do, but also demonstrate how other types of prints in the fashion and beauty sector are good. Using the different materials also changes the perception of a work, making it a unique and unparalleled piece, different from the original purpose for which, for example, were the magazine photos I posed for.

I was mostly impressed by the prints on the glass because it’s a peculiar treatment to find around, especially not at such a high quality level. Especially I remember the effect of water impressed on the vitreous surface of a work, it seemed so real! Through works like this, the artists wanted to show that everything is possible, each type of material can become the medium on which to convey a visual message of strong impact and it is equally important to know how to choose the right one to enhance the value of an artistic product.