Another method to rejuvenate is Farmasì’s serum. I already told you about Farmasì in my article about the night cream, remember? In its range of products, Farmasì also offers an effective serum that makes the skin relaxed. It also gives freshness and a compact, firm set that I really like. In its product range, it also has a rejuvenating face cream and an interesting scrub that I’ll describe later.

What the serum does Promotes collagen production and has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin stem cells and fibroblasts. It moisturizes the skin richly from the first use and stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. It helps the skin regenerate and has a rejuvenating effect. I use it twice a day, in the morning and evening as directed.

Rejuvenating Cream: Perfectly hydrates the skin from the first use, increases hydration and maintains it from day to day making it more toned. Contains concentrated brown algae and red algae extract. Also this cream should be used in the evening and morning.

Rejuvenating Facial Scrub, 80 ml /Exfoliating Cleanser/

The scrub gently cleanses the skin without scrubbing with the highly concentrated micro peeling particles in the product texture. It helps the skin stay hydrated, provides it with a unique care and gives it a fresh, smooth and clean look. The peeling is done by using very little product in the palm of your hand (consider the bean of a bean), and should be applied to the face by gently massaging with water in circular motions over the face. All this twice a week, After use, rinse well with lukewarm water first and cold water later to tone.