As we all know, collagen is very important for the elasticity of our skin. After about the age of 25, the body starts to produce less collagen, which causes small imperfections in the skin such as wrinkles and fine lines. Every so often we look at our reflection in the mirror, touch our face, think about the signs of ageing and sigh. Why just sigh? We can always improve!

I have found a method. There may be a few small wrinkles that just won’t go away, but others I manage to smooth out very well thanks to a night mask I want to recommend, Farmasi.

Farmasi is a mask that contains a brown algae extract, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins such as C (the latter reduces the formation of harmful radicals and slows down ageing).

It nourishes and moisturises the skin, providing it with everything it needs for regeneration, hydration and collagen synthesis.
All this happens during sleep, the hours when our skin relaxes and absorbs the product better.

Method of use: in the evening, apply a thin layer to the face, after it has been thoroughly well cleansed.
Massage gently, avoiding the eye contour area.

In the morning, rinse with lukewarm water. We can use it twice a week, depending on our needs. The mask is suitable for all skin types.