While waiting for the vaccine, we must remain organized to deal with this CoVid emergency. Better to stay at home. Follow the instructions, protect yourself and others. The virus

is spreading very quickly all over the world. But we are not alone and this in a way makes a united front to find a solution for the common good. Even if it is a difficult situation, hope and energy should always remain alive. Together we will win and sooner or later we will stop the virus. We must organize our days in the best possible way and do things that make us happy.

During these days our lives have been completely turned upside down. Habits, thought, action, travel, creation, all actions have stopped at the same time. The current situation is a difficult test for the whole world. It takes a lot of concentration to eliminate pessimistic thinking and a large dose of positivity to be able to resist. 

Our space is limited, you immediately realize what is happening around you. Organize your days in the best possible way, do not forget exercise, meditation, good music to relax. Spend time with your family, invent new games, integrate interesting readings. You have to believe in a better tomorrow, work on yourself, develop yourself, keep calm and courage, optimism and will to live. We can and must be mentally strong.

Together we will make it!