Today I want to talk about collagen.
In fact, it is often mentioned and perhaps because it is the only substance that is really effective in helping to heal scars. It also considerably mitigates the wrinkles and the effects of cellulite.

But why? What is collagen really?

It is the most important fibrous protein in the human body because it is mainly present in our connective tissue. A set of amino acids and peptides enclosed in an aqueous gel (hydrate). It is present in the eyeball, skin and many other organs. When we are over 25 years of age, this protein begins to be missing and the first effect we can notice is the formation of wrinkles and small imperfections in the epidermis.

Souvre’s products are based on this principle and try to replenish collagen with a bio active formula cold-extracted from fish skin. Fish Collagen and Bio Active in the form of Hydrogel.

This type of Collagen, made similar to that of human beings, penetrates and acts deep into the layers of the epidermis reaching the FIBROBLASTS, cells that generate our collagen. The cells obtain a recognised biological impulse, reactivate themselves and, in a spontaneous way, give life to the new collagen. The effects are remarkable and can be seen as in some testimonies; skin rashes due to allergies are reduced, scars heal better and even wrinkles are relaxed.
The effects are guaranteed!