We live in a stressed world, which often leaves us breathless, dividing us between work, family, friends and private life. We often remain exhausted, drained of all vitality with an unnecessary accumulation of stress and we wonder where we went wrong.

This is why the intervention of an expert such as psychologist and psychotherapist, Steve Benedettini, is necessary. During the course of Donnakademy, Steve will work alongside us to find our inner serenity, showing us effective techniques for dealing with everyday life. Together with him we will rediscover our self-esteem and the grit necessary to face the changes due to age with class and charisma.

Dr. Steve Benedettini, is a psychologist and psychotherapist who graduated in Padua in 1986.
He is enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Lombardy n. 03/3625 and in the Register of Psychologists of San Marino n. 1 of which he was President from 1996 to 2002.

He specializes in: Psychotherapy Integrated experiential Gestalt – P.N.L. / Master Practictioner – EMDR Therapy.

He has been a speaker at numerous public conferences and congresses. In addition to being author of articles in national journals he has written books including: “Forbidden to be Happy” published by F. Angeli Editore and “The Wounds of the Soul” by Ed. Atlantis.

He is Sports Coach and Trainer in Bioenergetics and Rebirthing.
He is Counselor in Empowerment, Performance Coaching and Psychosomatics.

As motivator and company counselor he has held courses in Italy for the development of personality for over 20,000 people.