In this case we are talking about inner trust, necessary to overcome our limits, to strengthen our character, to learn to surrender to circumstances without stressing ourselves too much, to express our feelings freely, to be able to develop love for ourselves and others, to remove pessimistic worries, to gain courage, optimism and the will to live…The list could go on and on, so wonderful is the strength that each of us possesses.

If we can clear our heads and remove uncertainty, move on to positive thinking, we emit a special inner energy, strength and self-confidence that radiates towards everything that touches us. I can mention, for example, the wrinkles on the face, in which case they will simply disappear and will no longer be as obvious as before. A beneficial effect that does not require suffering for our body or the sacrifices that our mind itself imposes on us with the “ifs” and “buts”.

Of course, we can decide to have surgery, but we can also be sure that the effect will last for three months or a little longer, after which we will be forced to fill in the wrinkle again. This could become a vicious circle, with its chains of insecurities aimed at one’s own image. That is why psychology is fundamental as a process of development and improvement in every field of one’s person. 

The Donnakademy project was born as an educational institution dedicated to all girls and women of different age groups to improve their appearance both physically and mentally. It is dedicated to all those who want to strengthen their self-confidence with the help of experts and who want to learn the secret of charisma, attractiveness, improve their femininity and encourage personal growth.

“Every woman can be the main character of her beauty”