Donnakademy is based on psychology and practice. We will listen to useful suggestions to acquire inner confidence and new communication skills, we will overcome our limits and inhibitions by discovering the secret of beauty and learn to let ourselves go to circumstances.

With an exclusive course, we offer women of different age groups the opportunity to improve their appearance and strengthen their self-esteem, while maintaining a dynamic and meaningful lifestyle.

How do you get all this?
The most important ingredients for growth and improvement in this area are:

-Be confident in yourself, both physically and mentally.

-Consolidate character, personality and inner balance

-Believe in your personal and work abilities

-Develop the inner creative energy with the acquired feelings and skills

The programme is divided into 12 thematic areas described below:

-Psychologist, right and proactive mentality, psychological support, character development

-Stylist to enhance your appearance; the most appropriate clothing combinations, the latest fashion trends

-Style consultant; advice on how to organize the wardrobe, the image on how you look in general

– Hairdresser; the best tips for cutting and hairstyling that best suits your face

-Basic makeup and preparation techniques for effective make-up

-Posture consultant for correct walking in high heels

-Expert for doing sport and the body, improvement of appearance and physical structure


-Nutritionist with lessons based on the choice of a correct and healthy diet, the habits to adopt in everyday life

-Bon Ton; rules of good behavior in different situations and formal occasions

-Bon ton of champagne; wine tasting and wine knowledge to satisfy the most refined needs




-Photography, facial expressions, how to laugh with your eyes, how to merge reality with beauty

– Brain gym; an educational method to bring the brain to a greater presence, mental lucidity and inner and outer calm.