I’ve already written about Nouba cosmetics in my previous articles. Today, in this one, I want to devote myself entirely to this brand because I want to describe my personal experience with one of its products: the covering powder that I found literally fantastic!

The Bergamo brand was born in 1982. The name is inspired by Nuba, an ancient African population which traditionally uses to paint its face and body with very particular and unique  patterns. The colors of the make up line propose the same intense and lively shades.

Today I will talk about the covering powder and my personal experience with this brand. The Boule Nouba Compact Powder has a light and pleasant texture on the skin but also offers a strong pigmentation. You can already see the difference as soon as you put in on your face! The unevenness of the skin is smoothed out, giving a combination of homogeneity and freshness.

I tried it in the morning and it lasted all day. I only gave it a touch-up the evening before an important dinner, but otherwise the mattifying effect is long-lasting, smoothes the fine lines and softens the facial features. I also like the uniformity that it gives with the sponge, just a fast wipe and it blends right away! I do not recommend it for dusty skin, however, because it has a drying effect.