If you meet the enemy, do it so you can beat it!We are on the peak and slowly it seems that the patients are healing and they’re also in the majority. But the Virus is still making itself felt, how can we deal with it?

The virus is slow, it’s sensitive to heat and its target are the lungs! The characteristic of the infection is in fact the dry cough linked to breathing difficulties. And there is no medical cure.

We must therefore be careful and use traditional methods:

I leave you 10 natural tips to face (or prevent) the Virus:

1./ More water means less mucus.

If your lungs are well hydrated, they will be less susceptible to infection. People who do not drink water increase mucus secretion, thus creating a favourable environment for the respiratory virus to nest there.

2./Smoking flavours spread mucus

Horseradish, ginger, coriander and similar spices have an obvious effect on the melting of mucus. At the same time they also reduce the blood flow and promote the lymph, which further improves the functioning and blood flow in the body, thus also the flow of oxygen.

3./Good fats strengthen the lungs!

Acidic fats such as Omega3 help prevent asthma. We find it in linseed, nut and soya oil.

4./ The sun and vitamin D3!

Numerous studies show that vitamin D is an excellent safety system for our organism. If we do not have the possibility to use a garden or terrace, it is good to consume natural forms containing vitamin D. Or D 3 – an active form of vitamin D.

5./Mucus melting should not be too fast!

Many lung infections have complications when they begin to dissolve rapidly and the mucus ends up accumulating and clogging up the lungs. To prevent this nature helps us to dissolve them by taking syrups and ingredients made of pine, juniper, ginger with honey.

6./Breathe better air!

The indoor air runs out very quickly! Even if you are ill, you must make sure that the room you are in is well ventilated. To improve the air quality and the indoor environment, you can apply 4 – 6 drops of pine, eucalyptus and juniper essential oil in the humidifiers in your home.

7./Moisten the air!

Dryness of the air increases the possibility of infection, so measure the humidity in the rooms. If it falls below 35 %, start using humidifiers, the moist mucous membranes will expel pollutants much faster.

8./Don’t help the virus!

At a time when your body is fighting the virus, you abandon your immune system if you consume unhealthy poisoned food. The amount of mucus increases with the intake of milk, white sugar, white flour or yeast. The simplest and most effective diet to apply in sickness are vegetables, spices, seaweed, barley wheat and nettle.

9./Move the spring cleaning!

Avoid anything that could put a strain on the respiratory system. e.g. fine dust, aggressive cleaning agents, dyes, deodorants, cigarette smoke, industrial air fresheners, etc.

10./Remove constipation!

Constipation increases the body’s acidity and directly influences the increased susceptibility of the lungs to infection. Eat persistent seed flakes, linseed, liquid foods. They will have a beneficial effect on the passage of food through the colon. Otherwise you can give an enema during the period of infection. A clean intestine will greatly facilitate the function of the lungs by reducing effort and will also reduce possible complications in case of fever.