Makeup, colors, dress? What is the perfect code for a business woman?

I recently had a meeting with a group of women who are part of the Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia in Domzale. I thank all the participants for their active presence throughout the meeting.

It was a week divided into different themes, each one chaired by a different teacher (photographer, make-up artist, hair styilist), who explained the etiquette of a businesswoman.

The best clothing for the various occasions and the choice of shades (for example blue to reflect authority, black for elegance), together with hairstyle and make-up.

I, too, held a meeting and, after my presentation, showed the best poise to express the authority of a career woman. Through practical examples in which I chose some participants of the group, I showed them different tricks to walk in high heels without making false steps. They all proved to be very active and asked me many questions, creating a friendly and constructive atmosphere. So I say to all of you, thank you! It was very nice to be able to work with you!

Below on my blog I collected some speeches from the ladies who participated in the meeting focused on the figure of the Business woman;

1./”All four days of the course were fantastic. I’m glad I attended these lessons, because you always learn something new, refresh your memory, know something you didn’t know and get confidence in yourself. I’m sorry there were no courses like this years ago, but as all the teachers said, it’s never too late. It’s really true… Thank you!”¬† Natasa

2./”Thank you for the excellent conclusion of the seminars and the remarkable selection of teachers. The thing that touched me most about Bernie’s speech was when she emphasized the importance of inner beauty and filling wrinkles from the inside with clean water, the happiness and joy of what we do. I think this is the most beautiful and most important journey for our women entrepreneurs, thank you!” Ana

3./ “I thank Bernie for organizing the meetings I attended, an encouragement I took very seriously. I agree that after 50 years we women focus on home and live for everyone around us forgetting ourselves…Thank you for everything!” Mary