In the fashion show where the boys and girls of Bernie Models participated for the first time, all their talent and what they have learned in these two months of course was shown.

The team made every effort to present themselves in the best possible way and to familiarize themselves with all the tools and techniques needed to do this kind of work.

Bernie Models school is designed for girls and boys who want to be professional models, acquire the knowledge and learn everything they need to undertake the job as a model and photo model or simply learn the first steps of modeling, rules of behavior, communication or just to get closer and learn more about Fashion world.

In the end everyone received the Diploma for completing the course with success, the professional book, certificates and awards. The following three awards were also presented The Potential Model, the most Photogenic Model and the best Walking Model.

Every young man has a strong desire to try his luck in Milan, the fashion capital. Girls and boys are given the opportunity to show themselves at their agencies, a unique opportunity to start working as real professional models!



Modeling School/ Scauting/Agency