Recently I came across a particular site…
I’m always looking for accessories and natural materials and I strongly believe in Green Fashion, that type of fashion that creates the final product from the raw material waste (such as the jacket model Skidoo infinity of Napapijiri, made from recycled plastic fibers whose commercials are recently bombing on Instagram and Facebook), or minimizes consumption for its creation.

As it happens, some designers living in Rotterdam have thought well to recycle fruit waste in a way that I find decidedly innovative and curious. How many times do we buy apples, pears and more at the supermarket and throw away their peel or discard the parts that have gone bad?

In Rotterdam, for example, more than 3500 kg of fruit and vegetables are discarded per day. A group of designers from the Willem de Kooning Academie wanted to do something to solve this problem by trying to give new life to the waste produced.

After pressing and drying them to create a compound similar to a vegetable skin (they call it fruit leather), these designers demonstrated the use of the new material to make bags, chair covers and pieces of art.

One of their products for sale on the site: A beautiful lamp with a special light!

The team is currently seeking to refine the production process for commercial use of their invention. An eco-friendly way to reuse waste products, minimize waste and who knows, create a real leather alternative!

Here you will find their website