DonnAkademy is a course only for women to become protagonists of their seductive beauty. The aim is to develop the characteristics of one’s own beauty in each of us. A way to learn and express your charisma to become fascinating, for pleasure, for others but for oneself in the first place, be sexy and improve¬† femininity.

Donnakademy is made up of a team of professionals made to fit for us among Coach, Consultants, Trainers and Psychologists, who work to develop our latent potential in order to take our knowledge of ourselves to a higher level through a path of growth and experiential training.

The project is developed through a practical laboratory to give the opportunity to stimulate the expression of their hidden talents to become protagonists of our personal beauty, the most intimate and true.

With DonnAkademy, together we build a path of self-esteem through the study of personalized image, make-up service, hairstyle, advice on nutrition, meeting with styling specialists, so as to discover the main rules of self-esteem and seduction, identify a personal style and the enhancement of our individual strenghts. The offer is distinguished by two characteristic elements: a strong focus on personal growth and a training mix of great effectiveness in beauty.

The first part is realized through a serious multidisciplinary work that finds its synthesis in the activity carried out in the psychological laboratory. The training mix is instead evident from the professionalism and involves experienced figures such as the coach, the nutritionist, the photographer, the make-up artist along with other masters.

Here below I leave you some photos of the various meetings that have already taken place for the 2017-2018 session where the “beauty prize” was also awarded, which comes with some products of our sponsors.

The beauty prize is given to the most active participant of the course who has shown great responsiveness in his personal development and educational growth. She has been able to enhance her strengths by working with commitment and great interest together with the team that we put at the service of our students. Together with the beauty prize are also given the partecipation diplomas to all those who have completed the course.