On the right,  the founder of the group, “the 500 enterpreneurs”.

On 24th August I took part in the biggest and most important event in Slovenia with the group of influential managers and businesswomen who founded an association together, the “500 entrepreneurs”. At the meeting I presented DonnAkademy, the academy for ladies that follows everything that revolves around us at 360 degrees, with lessons that aim to improve the psychophysical aspect of ourselves and have self-confidence, recognize the secret of the charisma as well as bearing for their personal growth. I have invited the participants to enroll for the courses that will be held specifically in November.

If such a large group decides to invite you to one of their meetings, introducing yourself becomes very important because you have the opportunity to meet many ambitious women, and it is a way to talk about my work and what I believe in as well as introduce the academy with the group of teachers to which I belong. So I showed with great enthusiasm some elegant runway walk involving the participants with practical examples of posture and social situations.

Everything took place in a half-informal atmosphere in the setting of the house Frangez where we had the opportunity to taste the different types of wine as well as its delicious prosecco in the company of excellent dishes and many final laughts.

DonnAkademy will be developed in several meetings aimed at enhancing the personality, recognize the psychology of beauty and feminine magnetism both in Slovenia and Italy. Soon I will publish the dates with the fixed places of our stops. If you are interested, write to me so I will be able to tell you more! 😉