Sergio Rossi is a great Italian designer and stylist of Romagna origin, specialized in shoes, bags and accessories for women.

A masterpiece of art, luxury and lifestyle.

Sergio Rossi is not only a luxury, but much more. The synonym of high-heeled shoes to make your head spin are more of a masterpiece than just seduction. Here craftsmanship meets technology, especially femininity and elegance. Sergio Rossi is one of the most important and respected creators in the field of fashion. He has an extraordinary ability to identify new trends, even to overcome them. The Milan fashion shows are a showcase of great prestige and renowned throughout the world. His rise and the success of this designer have led to the enhancement of shoes as an important accessory of clothing and fashion. How to define Sergio Rossi, is a graphic artist, painter and teacher…

He was born in San Mauro Pascola, where he inherited the tools and traditions of craftsmanship from his father. He observed his father with great interest and learned everything necessary to create small masterpieces to be tied around the feet of women.

He did not attend school, but everything was born with experience from his wise hands. He moved to Milan at the beginning of his 50’s to study and gain experience. He learned that it is better to use his passion to create models and understand what savoir-faire meant only for those who really want to create something unique and unrepeatable. The young man in his early twenties went on and specialized in the profession, his dream. In 1966 he began to sell his products in shops in Bologna. From that moment he spent his winter days producing sandals that he then sold in summer on the shores of Rimini.

In 1968 he signed the first shoes that bear his name. The name was written in large letters and with a simple logo, executed on the black tubes with a rounded tip. The Sergio Rossi brand was purchased in 1999 by the Gucci and Melàrd group. Since then they have opened many stores around the world, accelerating development and making its brand a global phenomenon. Many Italian and international stars choose Sergio Rossi’s brand for important events, such as walking on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles or a gala event. Sergio Rossi is one of the leading figures in the world of Italian fashion. The brand has acquired a new figure with the designer Angelo Ruggeri, fashion director and designer. Mr. Rossi has about 54 strategic points of sale around the world. From Europe, Japan, Asia and America, sales have increased also in China and Russia.  Everything is presented at a high level and many shops exist only in Italy. The global distribution also covers points of sale such as: Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys N.Y., Harrods in London, etc. The Sergio Rossi online store is active in over 100 countries worldwide. A real pride for Italy!

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