Have you ever thought that you can erase wrinkles “from the inside” by eating chocolate, no? Well, now it is possible and in a completely natural way without worrying about gluttony!

Active Age is currently on sale in the pharmacy, the anti-age fondant bar that erases the signs of aging thanks to its genuine antioxidants, gives health and beauty to our organs and is the result of the scientific research of the Italian company Your Age.

This delicious pure dark chocolate makes us understand how the plant that produces the cocoa seeds, the main ingredient to make chocolate, can be healthy and is also used as a medicine for nutrition purposes that aim to respond to a specific needs, such as slowing down the aging of the skin. These functional foods such as Active Age, can be used in the correct diet alongside their appropriate sports activity for a healthy lifestyle.

The chocolate must be dark and in this case 70%. This is due to the cocoa and its antioxidant properties. The seeds of this plant contain the flavonol which helps fight free radicals. The latter are waste products in the body’s metabolism process for the substances we take and, in large quantities. Aging is caused by an accumulation of free radicals over the years while antioxidants block this process.

Active Age, also contains other antioxidant substances of great effect, aimed at taking care from the inside of your body to bring an external rejuvenation, improve the hydration of the skin and the quality of the latter through Lipowheat, a compound raw material from ceramides and glycosylceramides, glycolipids and phospholipids to fight dryness and wrinkle formation.

Another substance is, Astaxantina, that is a molecule obtained from a green algae which also contains vitamin A and has a remarkable anti-oxidant power. It is also able to block the negative effects of photosensitivity against sunlight.

Verisol is instead a composition of peptides that promotes the production of new collagen. It is a component that occupies 30% of the connective tissue in the human body and in some parts of its organs such as teeth, cornea, nails, hair, tendons, blood vessels etc. Up to 75% is present in the dermis.

Active Age is also rich in vitamin D3, necessary to match the needs of the muscular system, bone health, the nervous system but also the immune system. The particular attention given to the choice of selected raw materials and the careful use of the best quality technology means that Active Age is free of processing aids and consequent additives. In short, a way to treat yourself well from the inside with sweetness and taste!