It is certainly advisable to use water that can regulate digestion. It is true that in summer there is a tendency to have a lighter diet, but it is also true that, in case this does not happen, it is even more difficult to digest with the heat and it feels quite heavy. It is advisable to use water rich in hydrocarbonate. Studies have shown that medicinal waters rich in hydrocarbonate are as effective as over-the-counter remedies (for example brioschi, citrosodina, gaviscon etc.), which bind acid. If you suffer from heartburn, drinking medicinal water such as Sicheldorfer in single portions of 200 to 300 ml during the day or when needed could certainly help to better process what you ate or otherwise to regulate the acidity of our digestive system.

Drinking a water rich in magnesium certainly helps for the process of mineralization of the skeleton in the growth phase for the youngest, regulates the contraction of muscle and heart as well as influencing mood and psyche. Magnesium gives us energy, vigor, helps to concentrate and is diuretic. A water rich in magnesium is considered as water if it contains more than 50ml per liter.

Another tip is to look at the iodine content on the water bottle label. It favors thyroid activity which in turn is very important because it regulates the metabolic processes and energy consumption of the entire organism. In the absence of iodine the functioning of the thyroid gland slows down and the latter begins to swell.

With the heat you have to drink a lot, I’ve already written it in a previous post for the summer dress rehearsal, remember? And this does not mean being reduced to the moment in which our body communicates the need through thirst sensation. Well no! Because at that point we are already in reserve and we suffer from a lack of water. The daily average should be at least two liters a day! Our body is based on 70% water so it is an essential element for our life and our well-being. As we take it, we need a regular and purifying expulsion through the urine. Taking liquids rich in magnesium plays an active role in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Other scientific studies specify that the concentration of calcium in water is not related to the greater incidence of kidney stones. On the contrary, all clinical and epidemiological studies suggest drinking plenty of water with an adequate supply of calcium, together with a balanced diet in which the saturated fats are preferred the mono or polyunsaturated ones, finally reducing the proteins in favor of a greater consumption of fruit and vegetables. The Sicheldorfer, an Austrian natural spring water, not only increases the reduced concentration of substances dissolved in the urine, but also the value of its pH. This leads to a greater solubility of substances that form urinary calculi (with the exception of phosphate stones).