My story begins almost a bit by chance. I was walking in the street when a photographer stopped me to offer some shots and a chance to be a model. In that moment, I refused. I was attending the faculty of economics at the university and I was determined to complete my training. During this time, however, I thought about that particular meeting. After all, it could be a great way to pay for my studies. This is how I enroll in a model school where I explored the reality surrounding this fascinating world. I’ve got so involved that, after graduating, I understood that I would like to dedicate myself seriously instead of becoming a true top model and have opportunities in this way to travel around the world.

The real springboard that will forever mark the beginning of my career takes place in Milan. A journey chosen impulsively in the cradle of fashion that takes me to one of the best model agencies of those years, Riccardo Gay. At the time I understood very little English and Italian even less but I threw myself the same. I made a brief presentation and after three days I was called back to take part in a casting in twinning with a fashion agency of N.Y. Elite with John Casablanca. I decided to go there and, with a long wait between more than a hundred models from all over the world, my turn came at the end. Style, attitude, walking, layed all afternoon … Unexpectedly after two, three days, the positive result of the audition was communicated to me. I was offered a contract with the Italian and French edition of Harper’s Bazaar for four months. It’s a magazine founded in 1867 in U.S.A. that over the years has been influenced by numerous artistic trends for its illustrated models and increasingly minimalist photos with a modern cut. Nowadays it is one of the fashion and reference magazines for many celebrities. I started working for his covers with other very great top models and famous photographers. Thanks to this completely unexpected opportunity, I was able to fulfill my dream of traveling around the world, learning foreign languages ​​and meeting many people from different nationalities and cultures.