Summer is approaching, indeed it is just around the corner and with it the most arduous test for many women. The dress rehearsal! Well girls, I tell you the obvious; we must not arrive at the last moment but start a few months earlier in order not to arrive at drastic or even harmful solutions for our body. One should really think about it all year, make it a real lifestyle made of sport that could help us feel good both in bikini but also with our body. It’s important to find a physical activity that we like to practice, whether it is jogging, swimming, dancing or yoga, individual or in a team. Personally I have a busy life, I walk a lot, I commit myself to go to the gym three times a week to do gymnastics, I just can’t stand still!

Campagna la perla

It is also sufficient to practice constant stretching, even those ten minutes a day when we get up before starting our day. It helps to deal with difficult situations and reduces stress, promotes our sleep. And sleep keeps us young. Eating well and drinking a lot of fluids is important, I recommend it as a warning to myself for this last part as I drink too little water.

Another very important thing is to follow what is in line with our nature and it is good for us. If we start with these little things, everything else will come with much more ease and we will want to take care of ourselves and keep us active. Sometimes one really need to make a small initial effort to achieve great results.

I’m not saying anything new but really, take advantage of the beautiful days, go out and try! You will see that the costume test will be much less drastic. Also because the costume is not our enemy and not even that chiletto too many but we ourselves who, often too critical in front of the mirror, we forget about what is really important for the well-being of our body that goes beyond some summer on the beach